Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, all schools have been forced to stay shut. At the same time, all parents are forced to keep their young ones at home. Our main objective is to keep learning going at home and at the same time support our Teaching and Non Teaching staff through continued employment.

At The Grammar School, our goal is to redefine preschool.

Every student is a teacher. Every teacher is a student. We endeavour to create a learning experience online which is print rich and gives control to the parents to take participate based on their availability. We also strive to create learning environment that gives the child the opportunity to take learning in his own hands. Daily participation is not necessary but is appreciated. You can join the class at your convenience. The school will be providing meaningful activities to your child based on his age group and any past learning history. Our virtual instruction consists of online and offline groups.

The virtual preschool has allowed children and parents to feel less isolated and stay connected with their teachers in this difficult time of pandemic. The parents are very happy and impressed with the fact that not only the virtual platform at The Grammar School provides structure to this learning phase but also keeps the young ones engaged and happy.

Online Activities

Online activities involve online participation using Google Classroom at The Grammar School which requires the participation of children enrolled.

Offline Activities

Offline activities will include working independently on worksheets and material assigned by your Teacher. This is also conducted on Google Classroom.

School Bach Timings

Morning Slot:10:00 am - 11:10 am
Afternoon Slot:12:00 noon - 1:10 pm
Evening Slot:6:00 pm - 7:10 pm


What you will get with The Grammar School @ Home Program

  • A comprehensive learning kit for high-quality engagement
  • Recorded sessions held by Expert Teachers which can be viewed later
  • Weekly Counselling session with our Expert Panel
  • Assessment tracker to keep a tab of your child's progress
  • Story telling sessions to spark the creative senses