Day Care and Activity Center : IOS/Android Application Tracker

IOS/Android Application Tracker

We at The Grammar School believe in effective, transparent and seamless communication between the Day Care facility and Parent and strongly support the use of modern technology in cuttng down the communication delay whatsoever. The Grammar School provides all its Day Care parents access to its custom designed app (for IOS and Android phones) which allows the school to send notifications, share calendar, work, photos, activities conducted at the center ,GPS tracking etc.

Android Application Trackable day care Providing Easy Communication

Android Application Trackable day care at the Grammar school helps parents to keep a track of all events, day-to- day happenings and other vital information about the center without much hassle. It is the easiest means for parents and child care center to communicate about all relevant happenings and other information. Ios application trackable day care enables parents to have a complete know-how of all the things that their kids are doing at the daycare. They would not have to wait till the evening for the time for their kids to come back from daycare center to tell all the things they did there.

Parents and caregivers at the Android Trackable day care can connect with each other at any time of the day and almost anywhere to keep a track of their kids' development at school. Be at home, away, or office and at any time, they can simply log into the daycare account and track the daycare happenings and come to know of their child's participation and activities performed at daycare. These features only help in making parents stress-free and guilt-free when they have to put their kids away at the daycare.

Information also helps the staffers at the ios Trackable day care to have access to complete information about the kids. Information trail can be used by the staff members at the childcare center to make changes in schedule of activities and events. Information provided by the parents through these tools like at what tie did the baby wake up on a particular day, what he ate, whether he is suffering from fever, cold, cough or any other illness can help staffers at the daycare to attend to the kids' needs accordingly.