Why is the age group of 2.5 important?

The age group of 2.5 years is by far the most significant period of a child's life when avital foundation for its better future can be laid firmly. Good habits/manners learnt and picked up during this crucial phase have a lasting impact on the childs life. The child develops it own personality and behavior pattern through willingness and spontaneous action at play with other children of his age group. Thus preschooling education during this period can help a lot in growth and learning of the child. It can fulfill the development needs(Cognitive, Physical, socio-emotional etc) of a child to a great extent.

Our Approach

As the name suggests, it is a curriculum as per the age/developmental needs of a child. The foundations of a Developmentally Appropriate curriculum are the needs and interests of each individual child. A child's natural curiosity and eagerness to explore combined with a nurturing teacher and well rounded curriculum provides a magic recipe for enhanced learning and growth in all areas of child development. The role of the teacher is this curriculum is to facilitate learning, allow children to make meaningful choices, and build self-esteem through staging "Successes" that encourage further exploration and learning. The curriculum is filled with numerous activities to choose from on a daily basis, giving the classroom teacher the opportunity to incorporate a balance of teacher directed and child initiated activities.

A Vital aspect of this curriculum is to incorporate cultural awareness through integrated holiday themes, stories and legends, art projects, musical experiences, including input from individual children and their family's culture, traditions and rituals.

Developmentally appropriate practices include the following teacher strategies:

  1. Active Learning Experiences
  2. Varied Instructional Strategies
  3. Balance between Teacher directed or Child directed activities
  4. Integrated curriculum
  5. Learning Areas

Nutritional Mid day meals are served keeping in mind the Dietary needs of children as per age.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the on-going ECCE programmes
Our Assessment procedure is based on:
Continuous evaluation of our program, Activities/Games/Material/Fun worksheets, Child's portfolio
Also, quarterly assessment is done and shown to every parent in the following months (September, December, March)

We at 'The Grammar School' know that Early Childhood Education is an indispensible part of a childs development and that habits/manners formed in these years, would prove to be highly beneficial in his/her primary schooling years. Programmes have been designed to evolve a sense of reasoning/logic in their young minds instead of doing activities in the old fashion of 'rote learning'.

Our main Focus - Eight major domains of a child's development:
  1. Gross Motor Development
  2. Fine Motor Development
  3. Sensory Development
  4. Cognitive Development
  5. Language and Communication Development
  6. Emotional and Aesthetic Development
  7. Personal Development
  8. Social Development
  9. Nutritional and Health needs of children

Safe and suitable arrangements are made for the happy arrival and departure of children at TGS. Their arrival time is recorded by the session supervisor. We check the relevant record midway through the session before snack time. At the time of departure, a member of staff must stand outside the room and record the child's departure.

  1. ¬ All Teachers and staff working at The Grammar School is duly Police Verified.
  2. ¬ All teachers and staff working at The Grammar School is duly certified in First Aid by VIVO HealthCare (accredited by American Safety and Health Institute.
  3. ¬ If a child leaves the session earlier with their parent or any authorised attendant, the fact is also recorded immediately.
  4. ¬ Children are allowed to leave the preschool only with persons who are authorised by their parents to collect their child, and are identified in our School Records.
  5. ¬ The arrival and departure time of all persons staff, volunteers and visitors is duly recorded.
  6. ¬ Unauthorised access into our premises is prohibited.
  7. ¬ Our system prevents children from leaving the premises unnoticed/without permission.
  8. ¬ The personal possessions of staff members and volunteers are safely stored duringpre-school sessions.