( 4 Years and Above )

We make your chess dreams a reality.
Want to give wings to your child's dream to make it big in the World of Chess!!

We understand that every child is special and gifted and with right coaching and guidance can reach his/her true potential. We aim to work in the same direction with the able guidance of experienced chess coach.

We take the fundamental principles of Chess Education and apply them to Today's young and bright children. With experienced coaches and scientific training (Chess Openings, Middle Game, Chess End Games, etc.) program, we are confident to educate tomorrow's chess wizards.

Some Key Highlights are as Under:

  1. Affiliated with Delhi Chess Association (Affiliated to All India Chess Federation)
  2. Hamid Hasan (Coach) - Former India Rant 7 and Former Delhi State Chess Champion (ELO 2300)
Students Performances:
  1. Jatin Verma Fide Rated Player (Elo 1203)
  2. Nemank Yadav Fide Rated Player (Elo 1205), Former Dav School Chess Team Captain
  3. Ashish Sahani Fide Rated Player (Elo 1152), Cbse Schools Zonal 3rd Position 2016
  4. Bhawana Sahani Fide Rated Player (Elo 1094), Cbse School Zonal 4th Position 2016
  5. Manvi Dabas 12th Position At Delhi State Championship 2017 Under 11 Girls Category
  6. Ritik Dhall, Cbse School Zonal 2nd Position 2017
  7. Aditya Bansal, Cbse School Zonal 5th Position (Under 19 Category) 2017
  8. Tejaswari, Winner Jind (Haryana) District Chess Champion 2017
  9. Kunal, Winner Karnal (Haryana) District Chess Champion 2017

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( 6 Years and Above )

Music is a form of art; an expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies.

Music is also a form of entertainment that puts sounds together in a way that people like, find interesting or dance to. Most music includes people singing with their Voices or Playing Musical Instruments, such as the Piano, Guitar, Harmonium or Keyboard.

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( 6 Years and Above )

Exuding out the experience of almost 15 years in grooming students in the fields of Western Dance and Personality Development through Theatrical Devices and Music (both vocal and instrumental).

The institute with its ultramodern personalized care provides the right platform to individuals to improvise upon their Dancing Skills, Acting Skills (Theatre) and Music Skills. The institute has not only helped many youngsters to attain a sense of Rhythm, Grace, Coordination, Confidence; but has also assisted them to shape their talents into career .

Dance Forms:

  1. Hip-hop
  2. Jazz
  3. Contemporary
  4. Salsa
  5. Bollywood
  6. Ballet
  1. Vocal Training, Both,
  2. Indian Classical And Western
  3. Harmonium
  4. Guitar
  5. Keyboard
  1. Personality Development
  2. Acting Skills
  3. Voice Modulation And Speech Clarity
  4. Confidence
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Stage Presence
  1. Traditional Yoga
  2. Power Yoga
  3. Pilates
  4. Spinal Series
  5. Chakra Balancing Through Aasans
  6. Meditation

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Musical Musings


Wiggle And Cuddle
( 6 Months To 3 Years )
Sing, Play & Learn
( 3 Years To 5 Years )
Ukulele - Instrumental Music
( 5 Years Onwards )

What Is Musical Musings?
Musical Musings is passionate about music and its positive impact on children. We never miss an opportunity to share how active music-making helps children develop everything from balance and coordination to listening skills and literacy. We simply love music! We believe that every child is born with an innate and profound musicality. At the most basic and obvious level this musicality is demonstrated every day in such things as our ability to walk and talk. Our musicality is a gift, and with proper nurturing it grows with your child.

What Do We Teach?
Our curricula blend the Music-Education philosophies of Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodaly, and Shin'ichi Suzuki with the developmental research and pedagogical ap-proaches of Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, and Maria Montessori.

What Are The Strands Offered For Our Courses?
We foster the love for music through singing: Diverse Intercultural Songs, Singable Phrases, Musical Games, Acappella and Choir Instrumental: Boom Whackers for body percussion, Ukulele for strumming we are committed to creating/adapting the very best early childhood music and movement programme . We believe that music should be an in-tegral part of life.

Wiggle And Cuddle
Our Wiggle and Cuddle Classes include mommies to come, explore and sing along the melodies to their infants and babies. It works towards child's development mirroring activities and instrumental play.

Sing, Play & Learn
Our Toddler Classes encourage your child to be creative, O initiate his her own ideas, and to respond in her own ways, while your presence and participation offer needed reassurance and support.

Ukulele - Instrumental Music
The Ukulele is a string instrument often linked with hawaiian music. It belongs to the Gutar Family of Instruments, and shares many similarities with standard Guitars, includinjg its shape and costruction. A standard guitars, icluding its basic shape and construction. A standard ukulele has four strings. Your child will playand explore nstruments and will sing and move to the music. And you'll hear and act out simple Stories, Rhymes, Musical and Dramatic Games and Chants. Activities such as these delight and engage your child, and at the same time build self-confidence, self-control, and communication skills.

Who Orchestrates Musical Musings?
MS Kay is a licensed Music Rhaposody Educator from us and Orff Certified Educator. MS Kay has the training and expertise necessary to provide fun, high-quality musical experiences to young children in a way that will impact not only musical development but will enhance your child's foundations of learning. She grew in a musical household and started learningmusic since she has learnt to speak. MS Kay has been teaching and performing in various capacities to study voice under the acclaimed Opera Singer, Situ Buehler.

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Affiliated To Taekwondo Federation Of Delhi
( 2-4 years , 4-6 years & 6 years and above )

"Korean Art of unarmed combat that is based on the earlier form of korean self-defence known as taekyon and karate.

The name Taekwondo was officially adopted for the Martial Art on 11th april, 1955 after that name had been submitted by south korean general, Choi Hong Hi, the principal founder of Taekwondo".

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( 5 Years and Above )

Why is it important for kids to get exercise?
Exercise helps kids achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Regular physical activity helps build and maintain Strong, Healthy Muscles, Bones and Joints. Exercise aids in the development of important interpersonal skills - This is especially true for participation in team sports.

Students Performances:

  1. Exercise Improves The Quantity And Quality Of Sleep.
  2. Research Shows That Exercise Promotes Improved School Attendance And Enhances Academic Performance.
  3. Kids Who Exercise Have Greater Self-esteem And Better Self-images.
  4. Participating In Regular Physical Activity Prevents Or Delays The Development Of Many Chronic Diseases (E.G., Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension) And Promotes Health.
  5. Children Who Are Active Report Fewer Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression And A Better Overall Mood.
  6. Exercise Helps Improve Motor Coordination And Enhances The Development Of Various Motor Performance Skills.

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( 2 Years and Above )

Yuvhraj Singh Institute of Performing Arts exudes out the experience of almost 15 years in grooming students in the fields of Western Dance, Personality Development through Theatrical Devices and Music (both Vocals and Instruments). Directors - Mr. Yuvhraj Singh, an excelling Bollywood Choreographer, Teacher and Mentor, and Mrs. Pallavi Yuvhraj Singh, lead Actress in Bengal Film Industry, NSD trained, have been the source of immense talent and guidance for the institute. With their vision of creating a sense of Rhythm, Grace, Coordination, and Confidence in individuals, they have extended their expertise to over more than 1700 schools in Delhi-NCR and across the Country.

YSIPA has its well organized teaching structure where not just the dance steps but most importantly proper body vocabulary of the various western dance forms like Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Social Dancing, Bollywood, Modern Dancing, etc has been taught to the students so that they can excel in creating their own moves and steps. By understanding their body-vocabulary, a sense of confidence and grace outshines the student's persona.

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Calligraphy and Writing


( 6 Years and Above )

We are an ever growing team of dedicated individuals who work with the sole aim of providing quality education in all aspects of calligraphy. Our team consists of Calligraphers, Commercial Artists, Educationists and Consultants who collaborate on regular intervals to bring new and improved curriculum and methods of teaching.

Institute offers all you need to learn calligraphy and aims to revive and promote this ancient art. Here you will find many unique ways of learning these skills of beautiful handwriting. From Online Courses, to Personal Tutorials, regular weekend batches to fun workshops, Likhavat Academy has upped the ante in the world of elegant handwritings.

Likhavat Academy Features:

  1. 22centres Across Delhi/Ncr
  2. 11 Years Of Teaching
  3. Graphology Affiliated Course
  4. Activity Partners With DAV, PP International, Darshan Academy, Apeejay Group Of Schools.
  5. Registered Certifications
  6. Authorised Mentors With YMCA
  7. Team Of Handwriting Experts
  8. Exhibition Layouts
  9. Inter School Competition
  10. Our Director, Nidhi Gupta has been awarded as the best mentors by DAV Management.
Courses And Services Offered By Us:
We, at Likhavat Academy believe in delivering quality courses and services which will not only benefit individuals but also Institutions, Companies, Hotels, Corporate etc. few of the courses and services are enumerated below -
  1. Calligraphy
  2. Handwriting Improvement
  3. Speed Writing(20 Words/Min) English/Hindi

Calligraphy Services:
  1. Invitations Cards
  2. Escort Cards
  3. Thank You Cards
  4. Table Cards
  5. Certificate Writing
  6. Family Tree
  7. Framed Quotes
  8. Logo Designing

Graphological Services:
  1. Handwriting Analysis
  2. Signature Moulding
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Handwriting Improvement Courses

Features Of The Courses:
  1. Graphology Affiliated Courses
  2. Career Counselling For Seniors
  3. Stress And Anxiety Management
  4. Internship For Deserving Students
  5. Inter School Competition And Seminars Exhibitions

About The Director - Ms. Nidhi Gupta
An artist, a teacher and a loving mother of two Mrs. Gupta has many qualifications in her kitty, from being a nutritionist, to a mentor to many students all over the sub continent. She dabbled in many - a - professional waters before finding her true solace in calligraphy and graphology. She has devoted her life to teaching and discovering newer and more artistic ways in the field of designing. Having authored several books on Calligraphy and Graphology, Nidhi now wants to set up an international ring to help the layman understand the nuances of beautiful handwritings.

Mrs. Nidhi Gupta, started her career as a nutritionist from Delhi University in year 2000 serving various medical organizations like St. Stephens Hospital, Nulife Hospital as a senior dietician and various slimming institutions like VLCC. Being an artistic natured individual, Mrs. Gupta always wanted to do something creative, started developing her hobby of calligraphy. She wrote many books on the same and joined Rosary Sr. Sec. School as a Calligraphy Teacher. Mrs. Gupta has also worked with DAV management, Tagore Modern School, SRGPS (Rohini) conducting workshops and seminars for students and teachers.

Mrs. Gupta has a always been interested in studying human behaviour, learned graphology from Mr. Joel Angel, US. She started handwriting analysis, reporting and graphotherapy for every age group on a commercial level.

Mrs. Nidhi, is a Certified Handwriting Expert and Document Verificator from SIFS (India) and National PG College (Lucknow University) working on the cases related to signature forgery. She has also delivered lectures for public prosecutors on graphology at Tis Hazari Court , Rohini Court, Karkardooma Court.

Mastered all the possibilities in the field of penmanship, she coined these under one roof and registered as Likhavat Academy in year 2008 which is a renowned institute serving calligraphy and graphology so far. Since then academy has never seen back, developed various centres across the globe.

Nidhi Gupta
Director , Likhavat Academy (Delhi)
(Calligraphist, Graphologist, Handwriting Expert)

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Ready , Steady, Go Kids


( Upto 2 Years )

Ready Steady Go Kids to help all children benefit from sport and physical activity.

Our physio-designed introduce children to a variety of sports in a structured, safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment. Develop and enhance age-appropriate gross motor skills, coordination, and correct posture.
And prepare children to perform better in school and participation in the broader community.

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Smart Learning


( Preschool - class II )

We use all interactive modules like videos and presentations. In fact, smart learing are almost like watching movies as sometimes, animated visuals are used to teach a point. The new revolutionary program in school education system is Smart Classes that has changed the concept of learning (classroom teaching).

It's an innovative technology that has aimed to revolutionize the way teachers teach and students learn in class. Obviously, this methodology has proved beneficial for the students.

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Tennex School of Music


( Upto 2 years,2-4 years, 4-6 years, 6 years and above )

Our program offers a combination of dance, music, crafts, centers and preschool activities. Trained and experienced teachers inspire our students to enhance their creativity. Music and Dance rooms are well equipped with different musical instruments like Harmonium, Sitar, Tablas, Synthesizer, Congo etc...

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Maple Maths


( 2-5 years & 6 years and above )

Maple Math program focuses on the the four main pillars of Maths- Addition, Subtraction, Mulitplication and Division . It is designed to develop the interest of Math in Children and increase their speed of calculation through a combination of assignments in books, speed calculation techniques and games with hands on tools. The methods of calculation taught in school curriculum are re-inforced along with speed techniques which helps in fast calculations.

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