Day Care and Activity Center : CCTV Monitored Day Care

CCTV Monitored Day Care

All areas of the facility are Centrally camera monitored and duly recorded. Any parent who wishes to see a particular time recording is to attend the facility and request the same to the Day Care Coordinator.

CCTV monitored Day Care for Complete Safety of Kids

With criminal incidents on the rise in and around schools and daycare, CCTV monitoring at daycare and schools have become very important. One such school and daycare center in Ashok Vihar which features CCTv monitoring and has advanced security features to assure of complete safety of kids attending it is the Grammar school. Cctv monitored day care Ashok Vihar enables parents to know the day-to- day happenings at the daycare. Moreover, staffers at the center can track each and every movement of just not kids but also other people working here, thereby ensuring that there is complete safety and tight security round the clock.

CCTV Monitored Day Care

Webcams in Day Care Ashok Vihar Delhi are installed almost at all important places like the classrooms, canteen, lobby, play area, garden, assembly halls and other relevant places to make sure that no point is left untouched from the vigil eyes of the administrators at any given point of time. No kids are allowed to cross the daycare limits on their own thanks to the CCTV monitoring. Strict adherence to rules and guidelines of child safety and security norms are ensured with complete sincerity. Video surveillance only helps in removing the anxiety of parents admitting their young kids at the daycare center.

Day Care in Ashok Vihar with Video Surveillance works in line with safety regulations and ensures that all CCTVs are working properly at any given point so that there are no security breaches. It takes complete responsibility for ensuring that the kids within the daycare are given complete attention and proper care without any compromises.