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The Grammar School daycare has planned educational activities that helps build a foundation for later school success. Children learn through play as well as structured learning programs. Most children who attend a daycare through the preschool level are given special care to teach them recognition and writing of alphabets , numbers, shapes etc . This makes the transition to formal school much easier, and gives them a head start on learning skills. Whereas, children attending formal schools and attending the after hours Day Care facility are given assistance with most of their general home assignments.

Day Care Education - Ashok Vihar Delhi

Day Care with A Difference

Working parents of young toddlers in need of safe, hygienic and well-maintained day care education center Ashok Vihar, should look no farther than the Grammar School. It boasts of not only a highly- energetic, vibrant and well-established school with integrated curriculum but also offers working professionals the handy choice of putting their kids in a safe, healthy and developmental boosting day care after the regular school hours.

A short visit to the day care education Ashok vihar Delhi are sure to leave parents satisfied with the finest day care education facilities Ashok Vihar that are offered here. From trained staff to well- knowledgeable administrators and assistants supervising the daycare of Grammar school and range of top-class tools for child's development, everything in here is well organized and in sync with world-class daycare standards to make it a secure, safe second home away from home for young kids. In fact, kids of tender age too would start loving the healthy ambiance and the caring attitude of staffers here in no time. Proper care is being paid to make sure that child's growing years are adequately met with no place for lapses in security and safety of young kids.

All the pre-requisites of giving kids the best daycare environment is present in this daycare center of Grammar school at Ashok Vihar. Working professionals with tiny toddlers can leave their worries aside for managing their work during office hours after the school timings are over for their kids. The Grammar School-being the best daycare education Ashok Vihar has amenities that can promote all- round growth of kids and make them shine in their early childhood years.