Day Care and Activity Center : GPS Enabled

GPS enabled Transport

The transport carrying children are filled with GPS and RFID devices which enable you to receive notifications of your childs whereabouts in the transport and also, track the vehicle online through our custom designed app (for IOS & Android).

Daycare With GPS-Enbaled Transport System

The Grammar School with a daycare in Ashok Vihar with GPS enabled transport ensures that parents who fail to pick and drop their young toddlers from school can be ensured of smooth and safe transport facility of the daycare. Parents can get adequate access to the exact location of the daycare buses and vehicles used for transporting small kids from daycare center to and fro. The complete GPS tracking is of much importance in today's time when incidences of crimes against small kids and involving schools, daycares and educational centers are much on rise. The fleet of vehicles at gps enabled day care center goes in assuring the parents that their young toddlers can be tracked while in transit to and fro from school.

Day care in Ashok Vihar with gps enabled transport is oen of the few schools in the region to have world-class technology to help parents relax their worries and keep at bay their anxiety with respect to the child's travel from and to daycare. The Grammar school has taken conscious efforts to ensure that all the vehicles have trained and well-experienced drivers. Proper background check and police verification is also carried out during the appointment of drivers in the gps enabled day care center to ensure complete safety of kids at the daycare.

School authorities and parents of daycare kids can track the location of the gps-enabled buses. Daycare authorities can track the position of vehicles anytime during commute and can send replacement vehicles instantly, in case of a breakdown, thereby avoiding any hassles for parents and kids.